Thursday, August 11, 2011

IfItAintSteel's Top 12 NFL Quarterbacks

   I decided to do a Top Quarterback list of my own because, well, there seemed to be so many of them this offseason. I thought to myself, "Mr. Goodbar, why don't you do a list of your own? You're almost as smart as most of those guys, you could easily do this. You could get paid to watch film and evaluate. Hell, you do it now for free!" And I decided that I was right. So here it is, with my evaluation criteria being as follows:
‎1) Overall Ability
2) Leadership/Elevating Players
3) Wins
4) Mental Toughness/Comeback Ability
5) Accuracy
6) Pocket Presence
7) Toughness and Escapability.
I'm not considering SB wins very much at all and I'm only looking at the QBs as they are now and projecting what will be. I've taken out all bias in making this list because I believe objectivity would be key in doing this properly. So don't flip if something doesn't trip your trigger. Ready? Let the debates begin:
1-TOM BRADY: For those who haven't stopped reading and started to form voodoo dolls with which to torture me, I'm sorry, but the reasons are all there: wins, win percentage, playoff wins, completion percentage, low INT %, comebacks/game-winning drives and All-Pros. *sigh* Ok, now I need a shower...
2-AARON RODGERS: He just has it all: leadership, toughness, accuracy...the list goes on and on. There's nothing about him I don't like. Well, except for that whole, "the freakin jagoff beat us in the SB" thing. For that I hope he chokes on his SB ring. Other than that...
3-PEYTON MANNING: This one was actually tough because I believe this year we will start to see a decline in his surgeon-like execution. He has WR issues and OLine issues to face this year, not to mention his own neck issues, so we will see chinks in his armor. I have seen enough, though, over the years to believe he'll still be elite.
4-BEN ROETHLISBERGER: I almost put Ben at 3 considering what I said about Peyton's potential decline, especially since I believe Ben's going to be even better this year. He only had 5 INTs last year which projects to 7 over 16 games-the best INT percentage in his career. He's focusing on being a better teammate and QB, and, especially now that he has a wifey, being a better person. I happen to know a little something about wanting to be a better person because of the love of a beautiful woman, but I digress... Ben's toughness and comeback ability are unparalleled. He has the top 4th quarter comeback percentage of the top QBs on this list/in the NFL & 2nd highest percentage of game-winning drives, as well as some of the best all-time comeback numbers based on his number of starts. If he continues on this path he'll be top three in no time.
5-DREW BREES: I actually take offense with people who claim he's better than Big Ben. Brees is damn good, yes, but he just barely reaches top 5 considering he actually has a low winning percentage and relatively low QB rating. He is a tough competitor, though, who has a never-say-die attitude despite his small stature (small for an NFL QB, that is).
6-PHILIP RIVERS: At the risk of my girfriend, Jayden, breaking up with me, I had to give this numbnut his due- the boy is GOOD. He has all the tools to be in the top three, he just forgets how to use them in the playoffs. Until he learns how to use them at the most critical moments, he won't break the top five.
7-MICHAEL VICK: I'll be doggone if Vick didn't come back as a better QB. He showed dogged determination to get back onto a roster. Tomlin actually wanted him in the Burgh, but the Rooneys put a collar on that. Besides, Vick wanted to be top dog and that wasn't happening with the Steelers. Regardless, he wasn't about to play dead, he was always gonna prove he belonged. I guess every dog really does have his day.
8-MATT RYAN: This is easy-Ryan is just the real deal. Easiest way to put it out there is this: in just 3 years & 46 games, he has 13 game-winning drives-the highest percentage of the top 10 QBs. He also is credited with eight 4th quarter comebacks and has a very low INT percentage. Simply put: Matty Ice.
9-JOSH FREEMAN: Big, strong, durable, good leader, toughness... Sound familiar? I. Like. Josh. Freeman. He almost had Tampa in the playoffs last year after leading them to a 7 game turnaround, while only throwing SIX interceptions all season. I'm gonna bring in Barney Stinson to explain Freeman's future. Barney? "He's going to be legend...wait for it...ary! Now football suit up!" Thanks, Barney. 'Preciate it.
10-JOE FLACCO/ELI MANNING: I consider them a tie because Flaccid has the tools to be good, but he fizzles when it counts like Phyllis Diller, er uh, Philip Rivers does. Manning has the misfortune of being compared to his brother. Eli is a different QB from his brother in that he's much more gritty. He can mix it up and come out on top...ask the Cheatriots. Can he do it again, though? I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.
11-MARK SANCHEZ: He could be a force to be reckoned with now that he has the Steelers' WRs.
12-TONY ROMO: He actually a pretty good... Oh, wait...sorry the pen fell outta my hand. Wow...that was slippery...

There you have it: my Top 12 Quarterback list to start off the 2011 NFL season. Let the debate begin.