Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Written by Jason Robinson

The Rose That Grew From Concrete

A perfectly normal genesis: the seed being nurtured in the mother’s womb,
And the struggle to break through to nature’s embrace. An embrace
As soft and warm as a sunlit kiss that brightens in the midst of gloom.
And it seemed as if contentment would continue at a productive pace.

That is until winds of change brought seasons of inclement weather.
Torrents of rain as if of Noah’s day would mercilessly beat down.
Monsoons became floods until a deluge encompassed and altogether
Enveloped. When then the waters receded, tempest winds blew all around

And parched the ground beneath. The Sun provided no solace as searing heat
Pummeled and battered relentlessly until there appeared to be no end in sight.
But hope springs eternal, and possible escape from exigency & being browbeat
Was on the horizon. The cloak of darkness was lifted so one could see light.

The elements lost their dominance, clouds parted and psalms & hymns so sweet
Could be heard when it was revealed that a rose had grown from concrete.


                                         To Jayden