Wednesday, August 1, 2012

James Harrison, Ben Roethlisberger Nursing Injuries At Training Camp

We at If It Ain't Steel have recently written more about James Harrison, specifically his back issues the potential of him being in black and gold next year. Well, news came out of Training Camp this morning that may deal with one of those issues.

David Todd, of ESPN and the website The Hammer Speaks, shot this across the bough this morning via his Twitter account: "@hammerspeaks: Breaking: I talked w #Steelers LB coach Keith Butler asked him when Harrison would be back: 'I'm hoping a couple weeks, but I don't know.'"

Potential bad situation or team coaches and trainers being overly cautious of their star outside linebacker? Hard to say at present and I refuse to speculate more than common sense suggests. Todd did make a salient point in his next tweets.  

"@hammerspeaks: That is certainly longer than I expected on Harrison. [Jason] Worilds he hopes to have back before last preseason game. Again longer." Adding Worilds to that isn't good considering Worilds was assessed at "two to four weeks" last week. Like Todd said, "longer."

He went further: "@hammerspeaks: Butler wasn't trying to play doc/trainer & caveated his comment, but clearly he didn't say day-to-day or next week."

I'm not a doctor, but I play one on my blog. In a previous article I personally wrote that all the twisting, torquing and pounding involved in an NFL season will eventually take it's toll. If he isn't able to go, then his backup must be ready. The standard is the standard after all. That backup, though, is Worilds.

With Chris Carter and Adrian Robinson making heads turn so far at camp, there's no reason for panic. There are other viable solutions. Nonetheless, Harrison is bona fide. He's Deebo. He's The Silverback. He's the one who lives in the Boogeyman's closet and who lives under monsters' beds. A healthy Harrison means a lethal defense.

Let's wait out the two weeks before kicking him off of the roster, though. As I suggested in that initial question, it could also be a situation where the coaches and trainers are erring on the side of caution for Harrison and the upcoming season. We'll see.


Steelers beat writer Ed Bouchette posted an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has been downplaying a "little rotator cuff tear" in his right arm. -

We all know Big Ben's toughness, so we know he'd play it down anyway. But, he did admit that this injury could be felt as far back as last November. 

“I’m good. It’s ok, just sore. I have a little torn rotator cuff. That doesn’t heal. We just have to hope it doesn’t tear the rest of the way. It actually feels great. I don’t have any pains anymore. Let’s just hope it doesn’t get any worse.”

Big Ben did just get his degree this past April, but it wasn't in kinesiology or anatomy & physiology. Nonetheless, it's something to watch. That said, the new offense Todd Haley is instituting, which emphasizes getting the ball out of the quarterback's hands quickly, is ideal for Big Ben at this point. He's been beat up a lot over the years and needs such an offense to elongate his health and career. 

One thing noticed at Camp has been that Big Ben no longer throws during walk-throughs. Though, Mark Kaboly noticed Big Ben's activity later on and offered this: "For a guy who has a slightly torn rotator cuff, [Roethlisberger] sure is taking a lot of reps AFTER practice."

Kaboly asked coach Mike Tomlin, though, if Big Ben has been limited at all in practice. Kaboly said that Tomlin replied with an emphatic "None."
Hardly much ado about nothing, but Big Ben is known for his John Wayne routine after all. As long as it's from Rio Bravo and not The Shootist.


TIDBITS: Big Ben says he talks often with Mike Wallace. Thinks he will rejoin team "soon," per Ed Bouchette.

The Todd Haley and Big Ben  relationship is growing. No. 7 says he likes new offense. Great news!


Courtesy of David Todd: Casey getting stretched out. Trainer reportedly tells Big Snack is "moving better than [he] thought [he] would. -


Offensive line coach Sean Kugler to rookie offensive guard David DeCastro: "These guys in this league are (expletive). They are 350. They are Ta'amu with explosiveness," per Mark Kaboly. 


"I feel right on schedule. Mentally it hasn't been difficult at all. It's really just getting your leg back to normal." - Rashard Mendenhall on his knee rehabilitation.


Steelers rookie David DeCastro: "I think linemen in general, you've got to be nasty when you play. It's important." I like him already. 


Safety Da'mon Cromartie-Smith passed his physical and was able to come off of the PUP list and returned to practice Wednesday.