Thursday, August 11, 2011

Big Ben Not Only Got Snubbed, He Got Disrespected

Ok I have a gripe. Was watching the replay of NFL Networks Top 100 Players last night. Ben was 41. So I now will not watch another one of those shows because that is proof , that list is a joke. For Michael Vick and Phillip "Puss face" Rivers to be ahead of Ben on that list . IT'S A JOKE. Micheal Vick has one good season , but really what else has ...he done. Same with Rivers, yes he can get to the playoffs. and beat Peyton Manning on a consistent basis , But Ben beats Rivers on a consistent basis. So will Rivers be higher than Peyton. UH HELL NO, but he is higher than Ben and that is a joke. Yes, Rivers can put up big numbers, but you know what so can Ben and Ben wins when it counts. How many shiny pretty rings does Rivers have? Umm...None! How many AFC Championships does Rivers have? Again, zero. I'm sorry but I know they go on Fantasy stats and spectacular play and things of that nature to make these lists, but anyone with a brain knows, and the experts on the reaction show agreed, BEN SHOULD HAVE BEEN HIGHER ON THAT LIST!!  I know a lot of these so called experts like to gripe and complain because Ben holds onto the ball too long.  When Ben does that, I admit that I hold my breath because I know that somehting big may happen.   Look at Super Bowl 43.  That last drive was proof why  Ben is a winner and knows how to get it done. 
 Yes Vick scrambles and does things with his feet. But Ben does too.   Ben may not look as speedy as Vick.  but he still gets it done.  Rivers can throw a good long ball.  But so can my man Ben.  Wasn't Wallace the reciever that had the most catches over 20 yrds this past season that went for TD's.  Last time I checked Mike Wallace doesn't play for the San Diego Super Chargers.  He wears the Black and Gold.  So I call that pretty dynamic and pretty spectacular.  Even the two Rookies Brown and Sanders got in on the action.  Those kids had good seasons.   And you know why because Ben isnt an all about me and one reciever kind of QB he is an equal oppurtunity passer. 
The experts go on about  Bens play in the 3 SB's he was in.  Yes SB 40 and 45 was not one of Bens best games.  But Bens play to get them to those  SB's was.  And I am sick of him not getting credit for his play in SB 43.  Again I go back to that last drive.  Who do you think was slinging the ball that led to what will go down as probably one of the best catches in SB history.   That was Ben.   On the Reaction show.  Ratchicken fans was going off about Ben should have been higher and anyone that is a Steelers fan knows that is a sign of respect when the Rats fans are even defending the Big Guy.    Because they  hate Ben as much as we  hate Ray Lewis.   But I look at the bigger picture.  The Steelers between Bradshaw and until we got Ben was not as good as a whole. Most fans will agree.  We endured the almost getting theres and we were so close kind of seasons.    But since they drafted Ben in 04, you know what they have not had a losing season.  They have been to the playoffs all but 2 seasons in his 7 year  so far career and won the AFC Championship 3 times and won 2 SB's .  There is only one other current QB that has that kind of impressive resume and that is Tom Brady.  I look for Ben to win more championships because lets face it .  He is just hitting his prime and his play the past two seasons has been very good and getting better.  And has not played in his last SB.  But my question is will Rivers or  Vick ever play in a SB.  Time will tell.  

So that is my gripe, Yes again we Steeler fans have to endure our QB being disrespected .  Was I shocked .  NO.  But it will be so much sweeter when again Ben ,  is winning games and championships and the others well they are just fantasy darlings and nothing more.  
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