Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Give Me Life

I am dead.

A moment without you takes the breath from my lungs. Takes my life force so thoroughly that the four winds could not muster a force strong enough to breathe life into my chest.

A minute without hearing your voice sours any and all sounds into cacophonous discord. The lack of your dulcet tones flowing like a stream through my ears is as robbing my body of blood.

An hour without you breaks my heart. Breaks it into so many pieces that the shards would outnumber the sands of the seashores. Into pieces so small that they'd fit well through the eye of a needle.

A day without you proves that this body is no more than a "muddy vesture of decay" whose sinews dry and wither in this barren wasteland of solitude. Truthfully, without you by my side I have no life.

I'd rather have no breath in my lungs than for you to blow one last kiss my way.

I would prefer all the sounds of the world be silenced than to hear you say goodbye.

I would rather go blind than to watch you walk out of my life.

I'd rather fall with no pulse than have you take away my rhythm.

I need you to whisper my name, look me in the eyes and touch my hand, and I'll give you the only worthy thing I have...

...my life.

to Jayden

from Jason