Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rest In Peace, Michele...You Will Be Truly Missed.

A gold sky on my drive home made sense this evening - a whole bunch of terrible towels waving you home - words from Lauren Hyde Sayre.

Today at If It Ain’t Steel we were given the very sad news that one of our beloved and loyal supporters had passed away. Michele A. Rockstroh Ogrzewalski left us today and I know things happen for a reason, but it still does not take the sting away from this loss. She was loved by many that got to know her.

First off, I want to send out heartfelt condolences to her family and to Leah Griffin who was Michele’s best friend. Words cannot even begin to express what you all must be feeling over this loss. Michele touched so many who had the privilege of getting to know her.

Anyone who knew Michele knew she was a die hard, Black and Gold bleeding, Steelers fan. She was very passionate about her team and she wasn't afraid to let you know it, either. Her favorite player was Terry Bradshaw, so some us find irony in the date of her passing: 12-12-12. That was the number Bradshaw wore for the, maybe it is actually kind of appropriate.

Michele also was a loyal supporter of this blog. When we first started our blog, we tagged friends on Facebook and it helped us grow. When a new post came out Michele was always the first one to comment on it and if we didn't get her tagged in one, she let us know. But she always gave us love for remembering her.

When she talked to people she always made sure you knew she loved them. She was never afraid to show that emotion to anyone. She had her problems, like many do, but instead of wallowing in them she used laughter as a way of dealing with them. I know from personal experience that when I was feeling blue, all I had to do was go to contact Michele or go to her Wall on Facebook and I was no longer blue. She always had me smiling. I know she did that for a lot of people on there as well. Just last week, Michele, another mutual friend Larry Sayre and I were joking and laughing together. That is how I am going to choose to remember Michele, for the laughter and joy she brought to my life and the lives of so many others with her charm.

If you get on Facebook tonight you will find endless posts about our dear friend. I guarantee, knowing Michele, that if you listen closely you can still hear her leading the “Here We Go, Steelers!” chant. So it was only fitting that we write a tribute blog to our dear friend, knowing how many lives she had touched in Steeler Nation and beyond that.

Rest in Peace my beautiful sister, one day we will meet again and have more laughs. My tears are flowing because I am missing you, but I can still smile knowing that we will meet again. - Acts 24:15

It saddens me to know that this will be the last blog in which you will be tagged. I love you, Michele, and will miss you terribly.