Wednesday, November 28, 2012

True Poetry

I have written a thousand poems to you in my heart, but there they shall remain. My heart will not allow my tongue to speak them aloud, because in no way could it form the words to do you justice. The look in your eyes and the purity of your countenance discourses more and evermore. My heart could never allow you to be dishonored in that way. You are more poetry than I could write, and woman evermore.

If I could write your beauty true, then let the stars give up their light in homage to my love. But never shall they even wink, as I am an honest man, for neither do my tongue nor my pen even know such words. In fact, should my pen even attempt such verse, I would retire it that very hour.

My only request is to be the Sun in your life, the warmth against your face and the comfort for your soul. What has nature produced that approaches your aspect? Or, if nature had feelings, would it not be jealous over your beauty? Oh, to be able to control time in order to linger in a single moment, seeking the answers to these questions...

If ever you desire to know if my love is true, simply speak my name in your heart. If Alexander himself were raised, he could ne'er muster the army to keep me from your presence. What is this mortal coil? What is the firmament? I would move heaven and earth to show what is truly creation's strongest force: my embrace.


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