Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Circle Of Life's Love

It hurts to feel you so deeply yet not to feel your touch,
To be so lonely though strong, to love you so much.
It's like a dagger in my heart, a pain too real,
Every utterance you make opens my wounds just to heal.

An angel, a devil, mild and wild, in peace and at war;
A summer breeze on the surface and a tempest at your core.
A solution and a conundrum, life and death-
A panacea or poison? To know I'll sacrifice my last breath.

Yet I wish to live forever, oblivion is not so sweet.
I want to soak my soul in the rapture of my love's heat,
To look in my lover’s eyes and know full well their symmetry,
To lose my senses in she who is the source of my idolatry.

Yet if I am to die some day, some time, somewhere,
I pray that I have you with me and am able to share
Eternity. Simply do not leave me alone in my grave
Like a slave with chains...for I am not that brave.

So, be the fire to my river and let vapors carry us as a mist,
Only until we become the next rain and into the seas as one we exist.