Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Strange Attractors

Strange attractors in my windows of endless horizons...

In one of them I see all the proof I need that God is perfect. In the other I see someone who is suspended in a cloudy mist over her...weightless and powerless. He exists in this state longing to be intoxicated by her moist and supple lips. She longs for his passionate kisses. Each moment lasts forever, but each eternity lasts not long enough. Passion so strong she hopes she leaves with her lips.

These two attactors are yet to fully realize their power over each otherOne trembles under the other's touch, the heart of the other pounds like Aboriginal drums at the sound of his voice. Apart they are alive at best. Together they are each other's nourishment. She knows his every tone...he knows her every mood. When those attractors finally meet they shall set ablaze time itself and ride its linear waves to their destiny: eternal love.