Monday, October 22, 2012

12 Roses

No special occasion, no particular time of year;
No holiday or event, no specific reason at all.
They're simply a gift and a reason to declare
That witnessing a more beautiful person I cannot recall.

No particular occasion & no special event, again I stress.
They're simply my way of saying that I love your sagacity & wit.
That I love your great capacity to love and your loveableness,
And that the fifth & sixth are silent prayers, each with a pledge in it.

The seventh is a vow, a vow to meet you in paradise.
With the eighth I promise to outlive you if you promise the same.
Listen closely and you'll hear the ninth swear he never lies.
While with the tenth I thank Jah above for the love you claim.

And yes, my love, there are only eleven roses here, it's true.
But that's only because, my imzadi, the twelfth is you.

By Antonio

For Jayden


original date written