Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Emotion's Journey

Watching you, vigorous desire in full measure;
Emotions...awash in a sea of pleasure.
Your form orgasmic, covered in pure fashion;
It attacks my senses and awakens passion.
A feast to my eyes that feeds my heart,
Come in, Imzadi, let your fear depart.
Be transported by love, brim with excitement;
Fall into my arms, succumb to contentment.
Let my love unite us and warm our embrace;
Allow our arms to tie us in ribbon-like grace.
My princess will be my queen-I, her king;
Mother of my children in unending Spring.
Summer's ardor will set ablaze your senses, 
While Autumn's love remembers no offenses.
Our Winter? Snow cools not our love;
This furnace will still burn like heaven's eye above.
Touching, kissing, feeling, soaring, flying...
Shall I take more? Eternally, never dying. 

"You are altogether beautiful, O girl companion of mine, and there is no defect in you." - The Song of Solomon 4:7