Saturday, August 11, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Mike Wallace Still Not In Training Camp (A Love Story)

I didn't know if I was going to address this or not. I didn't know if I could stand if it wasn't true. I mean, why get hopes up for no reason? Right? Why put myself through this again? The long nights waiting for a sign, a call, a contract... 

So that I don't remain cryptic, I'll put it out plainly--Alan Robinson, Pittsburgh Steelers beat writer for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review said on Friday afternoon that he was "going to have some Mike Wallace a few minutes. Stay tuned.”

Could it be? Could Wallace have realized how much I uh...we love him and had signed? Had all my, I mean Steeler Nation's, tweets and Facebook posts finally had an effect? I know he marked all my letters "return to sender," but the restraining order is a bit much. It didn't matter anymore, though, Wallace was back!

That was when I read the next words from Robinson: "Talked to conditioning coach Tom Shaw, who also works with Tom Brady. He expects Wallace to report to camp "pretty soon."

"Pretty soon?" Sooo...he ISN'T in Camp? I got my jersey and black and yellow kicks out for no reason? It isn't even a sighting, just a "pretty soon." Ok, I just was thinking we meant more to one another is all. But, I understand. He doesn't know if he that way or that much. 

Robinson did have some promising things to say, but the promises of yesterday are the taxes of today. And it taxes my...yinzer's hearts to no end as waiting to hear something definitive. 

Robinson said that Wallace is training extensively in Florida and likely will report to the Steelers training camp in the near future, according to the conditioning coach, Shaw. Camp ends on Friday the 17th. 

“It has got to be pretty soon,” said conditioning coach Tom Shaw, as quoted by Robinson. “(The Steelers) aren’t just going to let him sit out there.”

Shaw told the Trib on Friday that Wallace knows “it’s not a good thing to be out of camp....The Steelers want him to come to camp. They’re a great organization.”

Sure, the Steelers are great, but what about me, er uh, us? We, the fans. We sit here with our smartphones and laptops waiting 24/7 for a website post, status update, a tweet... A subtweet, maybe? We're loyal to you. :(

That's when Robinson wrote that Wallace isn’t here and talking to the media because he feels he's being misrepresented.

“He gets mad when people write things that are totally false,” Shaw said. “He doesn’t want a $100 million contract, a $50 million contract. He’s never told anybody that. He knows the Steelers aren’t talking, and he’s not talking, so it gets him upset and he doesn’t want to talk (publicly).”

So, it isn't me, I mean, us? You do care I don't know what to say. No news really is good news, I guess. I better go get ready in case it's soon. Sixteen jerseys and not a thing to wear...