Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Father's Day

I know that, when I was a little girl growing up, I learned at an early age to love the Steelers.  I learned this from my daddy.  From the time I could walk and hold a terrible towel, he had one in my hand.  He taught me my first words and  those were "Here we go, Steelers".  He instilled in me the things that I know today and those are my knowledge of  not only the Steelers,  but football in general.  He raised me to be a Black and Gold bleeding, die hard Steeler fan like himself.   So for that I say "Thank you, dad."

So that gets me to the point of my blog, I want to say Happy Father's Day to not only own dad, but to the best dads in the world, STEELER DADS!!!   A dad is someone we as kids look up to, they are our heroes in fact.  They are our all and everything.  They are our protectors from all things bad.  No one in our eyes is as great as our dad.  

But Steeler Dads are not only dads,  they are the ones that set the foundation of future Steeler fans.  Yes, I know moms have a hand in it as well, but dad is the one that really teaches you what it means to be a Steeler fan.  It is not all about sitting on the couch and watching games on Sunday.  When you are not sure about something about the Steelers, you go ask dad, he will know.  They teach us about the Draft and all things football.   That is why Steelers fans and especially Steeler Ladies are known to be the most knowledgeable fans in the world.  Ask most and I bet they will tell you that they learned it from their dad.

They teach us at an early age what football is all about.  The rules, the calls, anything that will make you understand the game.  A Steeler Dad will tell you the history of the game.  They make sure we know all about the Steelers from the beginning, not just the Steelers of today.  We know all about the rivalry's , that the Steelers have had.  Because of dad we know that there is more to the Steelers than just six rings.   

They wear their Black and Gold with pride, they root for their team no matter what.  They live by the motto, "Win, Lose, or Tie, I'm a Steelers fan until I die".  They also instill that into their kids.  When you see most pics of kids of Steeler Dads they have something with it representing their team.   I know I had my first Steeler jersey and Terrible Towel at a young age.  

Steeler Dads have their own Steelers rooms, all decked out in Black and Gold, with their Steeler memoribilla and things.  Most of them have a Steelers sticker on their vehicles or  have something Steeler-related in their vehicles.   Some even name their animals after Steeler players.

So I will end this in saying, Happy Father's Day not only to my own Steeler Dad but to all the Steeler Dads and Steeler Dads-to-be.  You guys are not just dads but the BEST DADS IN THE WORLD.