Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

This weekend is the weekend to celebrate Mom.  It is a day dedicated to the woman that gave us life.  She is the one who dried the tears when we got hurt or were sad.  She is the one who tucked us in at night.  She looked under the bed when there were monsters afoot.  She can also be that firm disciplinarian.    

This blog is not only dedicated to all the Moms out there it is also dedicated to the Greatest Moms in the world; Steeler Moms.  These are you typical Moms, they do all the things that other Moms do, but they also form the foundation for the future Steeler fans.  They love football and their Steelers.  You think yelling at the T.V is just for Dads.  Go watch a game with a Steeler Mom.  They will be screaming about bad calls and calling Phil Simms a bonehead just the same as the men. 
These Moms raise their daughters that football just isn't a man's sport anymore.  Steeler Moms don't tell their daughters that they have to wear a pink jersey of their favorite players .  They buy their daughters Black and Gold Jerseys.  They know that a "Terrible Towel" is more than an accessory, it is a must-have for any Steeler fan.

They take great pride in wearing their black and gold.  They are not afraid to take on the monsters that are opposing teams fans.  You think men know their football.  Get in a good convo with a Steeler Mom.  I bet she can even tell you all the QBs that have played for the Steelers, not just Big Ben. They pass that knowledge on to their kids.  The women of Steel have been pegged to be the most knowledgeable females fans.  We did not learn all this knowledge just from our Dads.  Just saying. 

So I will end this by saying "Thank you" to all the Steeler Moms.  Thank you for showing your kids that it is a great thing to be a Steeler fan.  For showing us to own it and to embrace it.  But most of all .