Thursday, May 31, 2012


Hush, little angel, don't say a word...
For your safe return I'll pray everyday to Jah above.
Each day "I miss you" only by you will be heard
As I whisper it light enough to be carried on the wings of a dove.

Quiet your thoughts, princess, and surrender that perfection,
Known true only by your knight in armor pristine,
Of eyes, lashes, lips, cheeks and sweet complexion...
I'll ever be your galant knight & defend evermore my queen.

Stay in this moment, this fleeting moment, before ere we kiss,
Before ever our lips touch for the very first time.
So palpable the love between us, so tangible the bliss,
That not to express this sweet desire would be a crime. yourself patient and we will brave this divide
And find our way down the isle to being groom and bride.


I wanted our 100th blog to be about us, Jayden. With it I wanted you to know how much I love you. I also encourage you to be patient as we weather this storm. We will find our way to each other's arms if Jah wills and if we are strong. I love you, kitten! "I have loved you forever and I love you today."