Monday, March 19, 2012

Why Manning to Denver Doesn't Mean Steelers Could Lose Mike Wallace

Unless you've been living with those two guys from the Geico commercial, (i.e. under a rock), you should know by now that all is but a done deal between Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. And before the ink from the Mont Blanc is even dry, the speculation machine has started rearing it's ugly head (yes, I said "speculation" because right now that is all it is) that Mike Wallace will soon be joining him.

I, for one, do not believe so. It has been all over the Social Media networks that the Broncos should sign Wallace. Well, why would they? They have two very capable and speedy receivers on their staff as it is.

Jamie Dukes of NFL Network said it best, though: "The Broncos have other issues they need to address besides getting Manning a shiny new toy." The Broncos are giving Peyton a hefty contract that is supposed to be in the area of 5 years for $90 million, which could mean a cap hit of around $20 million.

Why then would they throw another big contract at basically a speedster when they already have that in Demaryius Thomas? He was the one that burned the Steelers secondary to beat them in the playoffs.

One thing also that's still not known is if Peyton is the Peyton of old or not. Yes, he can throw the ball around, but is he truly 100% healthy after four neck surgeries? Time will tell.

There are those, though, who think this is a good idea. That throwing money at Wallace to pry him away from the Steelers would be a good idea. Mike Mayock, for one, is adamant that the Broncos should do it.

“I would make an offer that Pittsburgh would have a lot of trouble matching for Mike Wallace,” Mayock said. “I’d be happy to give up my first-round pick, and I’d make that young man a rich, rich young man. And I’d have a vertical threat to go along with Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas — I might look at Dallas Clark. You’ve made a commitment to Peyton Manning. Now let’s go get him the weapons.” -

While I can certainly see why Denver would be tempted, again, the Broncos have a promising playmaker in Demaryius Thomas, and they can always bring along a Manning favorite in tight end Dallas Clark. In fact, Mike Klis of the Denver Post said as much on his Twitter account. He said, "@MikeKlis: Expect the Broncos to sign TE Dallas Clark”

But looking at the other options, Eric Decker and Matt Willis, I can see the Broncos being tempted  to go after Wallace. I just don't see the actuality of them doing so. Wide receiver and return man Ted Ginn, jr. might make enough of an impact for them and would be much less expensive.

To be certain, the correct deal for Wallace to be signed away just went up a few million last week. The Broncos, on the other hand, need offensive line help as well as the tight end help mentioned before. Plus, who says Wallace would even sign offer sheet? Just because they may want him doesn't mean they'd get him.

The Broncos have a lot of questions on defense as well. Their secondary is suspect at best. Big Ben basically exposed it while on just one good leg, and Tom Brady shredded it not once, but twice. So, that makes me ask the question, "Why would you give up a first round pick and and another big contract for something that they do not need?"

After a closer look at the Broncos roster, it's clear that they have too many holes to fill to give up a first round pick AND commit $12 million of cap space to get Mike Wallace. Not going to happen.

Let's be real here, Peyton Manning made Austin Collie and Pierre Garçon household names in Indy. No one knew who they were until Peyton did what Peyton does. Peyton can surely do what Peyton does with Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker and Matt Willis too.


Steelers unrestricted free agent cornerback William Gay visited the Arizona Cardinals on Monday. The Cardinals defensive coordinator is Ray Horton, who once coached the Steelers defensive backs.

Gay has said he wants to stay with the Steelers for next season and the Steelers have also left that option open. If Gay were to come back, he would probably do so on a one-year qualifying contract like he did last year. That contract paid him $685,000 in base salary with a $50,000 signing bonus. Expect a similar deal with the requisite percentage increase.

Gay will also be visiting Tennessee Titans on Tuesday, per Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean