Monday, March 12, 2012

Mike Tolbert Talks Free Agency On Sirius XM

Mike Tolbert, the San Diego Chargers running back, was on Sirus XM NFL Radio this morning and spoke of his free agency choices.

When asked by host Adam Schein what he thinks about playing on certain teams with various running game needs, he said, "I think I could fill that void pretty good."

Tolbert discussed the Pittsburgh Steelers, Tampa Bay, Denver, Kansas City, Atlanta, Miami, Green Bay and the Giants as teams in which he's interested.

Tolbert also said, "But, you know, 4 o’clock tomorrow we’re going to see really how it heats up and what happens. So I’m excited. I’m ready to go.”

This is true, but I doubt "we're going to see" the Steelers put their hat in the free agent ring regarding Tolbert. That's despite feature running back Rashard Mendenhall being on IR and the likelihood of him starting the season on the Reserve PUP list also. Nor will they with Brandon Jacobs, who was released by the Giants, which prompted this interview in the first place.

Mike Tolbert was correct about something, though, 4 p.m. EST Tuesday will see things heated up.