Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Knew Fans Could Be Clueless, But The Media???

Dear Internet and especially Social Media, Tim Tebow will not be breaking news of his own trade via Twitter. That is all.

Folks, Michael Lombardi got fooled by a fake Tim Tebow account. How does ESPN put it? C'mon, man! Seriously, main stream media, first Hines Ward to the Ratbirds, er uh, Ravens, the fake Eagles story and now this?

Tim Tebow was involved in a trade, though, where he basically was allowed to pick the team to which he wanted to go. He picked the Jets. Denver has agreed to trade Tim Tebow and a seventh-round pick to the Jets for the Jets' fourth-round pick and a sixth-round pick.

Cue the "Mark Sanchez is so fragile, this is a bad message to send" articles. They just guaranteed him $20.5M. Play better & get tougher. Oops...sorry, David. ;-)

The Jets agreed to pay half of rhe $5 million in compensation back to Denver that was previously in dispute in the Tim Tebow. The details are here:


Steelers president Art Rooney II released a statement via regarding the Bounty-gate sanctions brought down on the Saints. He expresses his agreement over Goodell's decisions.

Rooney: "I think the Commissioner wants to send a message that we are not going to stand for this kind of thing. So in general, I think it was the right approach. We don't need this in our game. I think the Commissioner is sending a very loud and clear message here. Hopefully, the effect is going to be that we will get these kinds of things out of the game."


William Gay is going to make his decision soon about where he'll play next year. He tweeted on his Twitter account that the tour is over.

His tweet read this way: “@williamgay22: Pitt,Denver,Arizona, and Tennessee..Great places to play for but I can only chose one!!!! Blessing from GOD sure he will show me da way”

Gay has been a very good Nickel corner and knows LeBeau's system. I don't think he's a good starting NFL corner, but he is definitely valuable. I'd like to see him stay, but, as was pointed out in a previous blog post, he'd only be brought back on a veteran's minimum or qualifying contract. He's probably looking for a multi-year deal which he won't get in Pittsburgh.


Showing how obvious his teaching abilities are, as he's mentored and taught his teammate wide receivers for years, Hines Ward was offered but turned down high school football head coaching job -


Offensive tackle Jamon Meredith, who was on the Steelers' practice squad last year and originally drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 2009, signed an offseason contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today via Steelers tight end Weslye Saunders' Twitter account.

Saunders tweeted, “@Wes_Saunders88: Dang..looks like I'm the only Gamecock on the Steelers roster again. But good luck to my boy Jamon with the Tampa Bay Bucs!”

Good fortunes, Meredith.

NFL Network's Rich Eisen was talking today with Vince Young about the Tim Tebow trade. At one point Young was asked what he thought about being a quarterback who might have been targeted in a bounty. Young replied, "Yeah, it's very disturbing to hear certain things like that. From seeing the playoff game and Brett Favre and the hits he took. I even got dunked on my head playing Pittsburgh. Rodney Harrison dunked me on my head. You don't want to think that these types of things are going on, but as the news is putting these things out there, these things are happening. They must stop, definitely, because we don't want anybody to get hurt. Definitely the nature of the game, when you put your shoulder pads on and helmet, you have a 50/50 chance of getting hurt. If these type of things are happening, it's very bad for the game."


Well, it would be if it had been James Harrison and not Rodney Harrison. Oh, by the way, Vince, the Steelers PREFERRED you in the game. You suck, Kerry Collins was better than you and almost pulled off the comeback. Harrison, who was one of three players involved in that sack, was fined $5,000 for it. Obviously, though, the hit affected your memory...