Saturday, February 25, 2012

Taking a Break From Your Typical Steelers Blog

I decided to take a break from a typical sports/Steelers blog to let you all in on a little secret: I'm in love with the most beautiful woman in the world. 

Yeah, I know you guys feel the same about your ladies (or say it to avoid insulting her and then experiencing Dante's Inferno the rest of your natural born days), but there's one thing about that: mine actually is. ;-) My lady is, from the deepest part of her exceptional heart to her angelic face, the most beautiful person and lady alive. 

So, I'm taking this opportunity to let everyone know how much I love her. To do so, I wrote her a sonnet that I hope she enjoys. (Actually, I hope it brings a tear to her eyes, but I won't get greedy.)

I Thought I Knew...

I thought I knew beauty - it's excellence, it's proportion,
It's simplicity and it's complexity. I believed it was as clear
As in an orchestral symphony, or the dawn over the horizon.
But I see now Pygmalion's prayer being answered here.

I thought I knew compassion - how to feel, what to say,
What to think and how to care. I was completely sure
That my warmth was all I needed to make them stay.
But your smile alone pales my benevolent nature.

I thought I knew love - the euphoria, the wonder,
The agony and the despair. All I had felt and seen
Made me think my lightning would never have it's thunder
In this dramatic and passionate elemental scene.

Take from me all I knew, angel, my knowledge please defame.
And with all I'll give, all I ask to take in return is your name.


Jayden, I've come to love you so deeply that it seems I've loved you forever. And, though, you are my princess, I'm by no means a Prince Charming. So, I can't promise you "happily ever after." I can only promise you today. But, as long as I am allowed to draw breath, each day that I do, I promise to tell you so. Therefore, I have loved you forever and I love you today. Each day I draw breath I will remind you of that fact...Imzadi.