Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Little Fan Story

Wanted to share a story with our followers out there.  This is Miss Maison, she is a little die-hard Steeler fan in training and huge "Big Ben" fan.   She even has a board with Ben drew on it.  When Maison was at school one day  , they were learning sign language.  When they did the symbol for "I love you "  the teacher asked if anyone knew what that symbol was.  Miss Maison raised her hand and said " Touchdown Steelers".  The teacher was curious so she asked Maison how she got that. She responded, "When the Steelers score that is what Ben does".  The teacher thought it was adorable and told her  Mom about it , because come to find out the teacher was also a Steelers fan.

Her Mom which is as die hard as they come , shared this story with a group of friends that get together and talk about football.  We all thought it was so cute.  I debated whether to share it but , when I was on my Facebook account , I seen this picture pop up on my home feed and several of my Steeler friends on there had liked the picture and commented on it.  That is when I decided to share her story with everyone.  With her Moms permission of course.  It was just to cute not to. 

It is amazing how the little mind works and can relate simple things like that .  When we think that the kids are not paying attention , they really are.  But when it is a Little Steeler fan that relates and pays attention to things, even better.  That is showing that the next generation of Steeler fans are just as numerous as us older ones. 

Little Maison related the "I love you symbol" to it being a touchdown.  All us Steeler fans know why Ben does it.  But to this little fan it means we have scored.  Gotta love that.  So that shows that her Mom is raising her the right way.  The Black and Gold way .  To me there is no better way to be raised.  I know that is how I was raised.