Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I was doing some reading and ran across this article. This guy takes it upon himself to call Ben Roethlisberger a Drama Queen (considering a man is a Drama "King" in this case, this gives you an idea of his intelligence level) and goes on about Big Ben's past injuries when it comes time to play the Ravens. The only piece of truth to this blog, if that is what you want to call it, is him calling Big Ben the "Raven Killer." Big Ben is 9-2 against the Ravens in the regular season, with both losses coming in the 2006 season, and is undefeated in the postseason. He even 'killed' their aspirations for the Super Bowl twice. Need I say more? No, but I will anyway. Before I do, though, You can check out this guy's ramblings for yourself here:

I have to take issue with some of the things the writer said.  Not just because I am a Steeler fan and a Big Ben fan, but because, frankly, he's wrong. Big Ben has missed 2 games against the Ravens, neither of which was by his choosing: one was due to a concussion & the other due to a Goodell enforced vacation. Those are the only two games that Ravens QB Joe Flacco has won against the Steelers. I could go into a "Lets point out all of Joe Flacco's flaws against the Steelers" rant, but I need to get something else off my chest first. 

Last season Ben Roesthlisberger went the longest without having a "Roughing the Passer" call come his way, and ended the season with the fewest in the NFL. Big Ben had his nose broken in the second Ravens game by Haloti Ngata with a flagrant hands to the face, but it went unflagged. But did Big Ben cower and go into the fetal position and leave the game. That would be a "HELL NO". Like a Timex he kept on tickin' and not only finished the game, but shook off Terrell Suggs with a stiff arm and won the game.  Not once did he complain. Ben came back last season from a four-game suspension and never missed a beat. He played like the champion he is. He not only played for himself but for his team, leading them again to a Super Bowl appearance. Though he didn't come away with the win, he did get there and will assuredly go back again.   Now who was it again we had to beat on our way to the Super Bowl? Oh, yeah, that's right: the Ravens.   Even this preseason Big Ben took some hits that should have been flagged, but were not. Did he cry or complain? No, he just did what he always does. He went out and won the game, and did so with his impressive play and ability to make things happen.  

So I chalk this piece up to either sour grapes or wishful thinking. Ravens fans know that if Ben is in the game, their chances of winning are slimmer indeed. Big Ben and the Steelers aren't all the Ravens have to worry about, they have problems of their own. But for some reason all you see is them trashing the Steelers and complaining of how they cannot beat them. We lost to them once last season and never whined a bit, our fans never made one excuse. We lost. We moved on to the next game. End of story. 

But in all reality, as a Steeler fan I mark these games on my calendar. Let's face it, these games are what football should be: blood, sweat and no tears smash mouth football. They show what and how football should be played. They take no prisoners and play great defense. 

This year, though, could be different. Big Ben and Flacco both have weapons with which to work. Both teams also have questions due to injuries in their respective secondaries. This game could very well come down to a shoot out. Both quarterbacks are very capable of doing just that. But, if that is the case, which one will shine under pressure and which will falter?  

My money is on Big Ben shining. That is when he plays his best, when under pressure and the game on the line. Steeler fans know what he is capable of, and I personally believe we never even got a glimpse this preseason of what the possibilities are with this offense. The sky is the limit and I think Big Ben and Co. will take full advantage of it. Flacco, on the other hand, seems to falter under pressure and when the game matters most. Is he ready to take the next step? Can he carry a team on his shoulders and pull  a game out when it matters most? I guess we will find out Sunday, because we know the  Steelers defense will be bringing it.
So I will end this by saying I look forward to Sunday and seeing the Steelers take the field against the Ravens. It'll be a great game regardless. Win or lose.