Monday, August 15, 2011

Why the Steelers Can and Will Beat the Ravens Again.

There  is an article  floating around the Net on Bleacher Report called the Baltimore Ravens: Ten reasons why they will finally take down the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is the moment I roll on the floor in hysterical laughter because obviously some delusional Ravens fan wrote this. But here is the link just so you can have a good laugh as well.

So, me being me, I have to counter their reasoning with why the Ravens will always be our stepchild. 

Reason 1: the Harbaugh family rivalry. Well that has nothing to do with the Steelers. John's brother Jim coaches the Niners, whom we also play this season, but has nothing to do with the Ravens.

Moving on.

Reason 2: Distractions. I had to laugh at this. Anyone who has followed the past off season and up-to-the-minute news coming out of Steelers camp knows there are no distractions. They are one big happy family as always, they have moved on and everyone else needs to do the same. But wishful thinking on the rest of the league's part. We heard this same garbage last season and we see how that turned out. But Ray Rice should really be concerned about his comments to Ryan Clark and how he told Clark to come find him. Well the way he was running in the first preseason game that should not be a problem, and he should contact Willis McGahee and ask him what happened when Clark found him. Just sayin.

Reason 3: Sergio Kindle. Well when he actually shows something, then I will say he is an impact player. Until then I hope that is not all the Ravens are putting their hopes and dreams on.
Reason 4: Haloti Ngata lost weight. Well so did Lendale White a couple of seasons ago and where is he now? Yes, lets face it, Ngata is a beast and yes Ngata broke Ben's nose. I will give him that. But Ben, like a Timex, kept on ticking and still came away with the win. 

Reason 5: Jimmy Smith is the real deal at corner.  Again this goes back to the thoughts on Sergio Kindle, prove it before you go anointing him the Steeler Stopper. The NFL is a lot different from college play and stand outs in college have also became busts in the NFL. Will Jimmy Smith could fall into this category. Time will tell. But I will play the 'lets wait and see' game.

Reason 6: Ricky Williams will take a load off Ray Rice. Well he is probably going to have to if Clark does find Rice. Just sayin. But Williams does not concern me in the least. The D line of the Steelers has stopped Williams before and he is getting up there in age. If Rice would go down to injury, then he would have to carry the load and that would put more pressure on Joe Flacco which, in turn, would be a disaster. Joe doesn't take well to pressure and we know that the Steelers D will be bringing the pressure. So I really don't understand their reasoning on this one.

 Reason 7: Vonta Leach will Open Huge Holes. I will just ask when has anyone made a huge hole on the Steelers D?  Considering they led the league last year and will again this year in stopping the run. This part was laughable. But keep dreaming .

Reason 8: Joe Flacco finally has a deep ball partner. He had a whole stable of able horses last season and still to no avail against the Steelers. Yes, a change of scenery may be what Evans needed, but we have some as equally revved up receivers that can get past the Ravens secondary as well. Could just up the anty and make a great game even better.

Reason 9: The Steelers O line is in Shambles. Well they have always been in shambles but we always find ways to beat the Ravens. We have that IT factor behind that horrid O line, as you would call it, and "it" is called the Raven Killer, aka Big Ben. Where Flacco falters under pressure, that is where Ben shines. Ben finds a way to make things happen. I look back at his game against the Ravens last season when they broke his nose and he was playing on a bad foot, and he still won the game. So, yes, we may look like hot garbage right now, but we will be fine because of that little jewel we have at QB.

Reason 10. Ray Lewis wants to win now. Well I am sure Ray says that every season and every season we see him on the sideline crying. This is old hat. Ray may go down as one of the best linebackers in history, but he has to have help to get it done and I just don't see that happening. 

So there is my reasoning as to why the Ravens will not do anything other than what they have always done, and that is play second fiddle to the Steelers. Looking forward to September 11th and my Steelers setting the tone. I know they did not look good this past Friday, but that is what the preseason is for, to work out those bugs and get things fixed.